Photo Books and Magazines

Enjoy your online album as a photo book or magazine. Ordered in a few clicks and starting at just $ 12.95


• Softcover

• 150 lb/ 200 gr paper


$ 12,95

Photo Book

• Hardcover

• 150 lb/ 200 gr paper

• Title on spine

• End sheets


$ 17,95

Photo Book Premium

• Hardcover

• 230 lb/ 340 gr paper

• Title on spine

• Lay-Flat

• UV-coating


$ 25,95


portrait and landscape

Contact business support for volume orders ( 100+ )

Shipping cost Netherlands   $ 3.95 ($ 6.95 with giftbox
Shipping cost Internationally:   $ 5.95 - ($ 8.95 with giftbox)



MyAlbum offers Magazines, Photo Books and Lay-Flat Photo Books (Photo Book Premium) in three different sizes; Large (8.3" x 11.7" / 21x30 cm), Medium (5.8" x 8.3" / 15x21 cm) or Extra Large (11.8" x 11.8" / 30x30 cm) as portrait, landscape or square. With a minimum amount of 16 pages and a maximum of 200 pages (for both photo books and magazines) and 80 pages for Photo Books Premium, you will be able to print virtually any album you like. Especially when you choose a different template for instance 'showcase' for albums with a small amount of photos and videos and 'tiles' for albums with many photos and videos.


Magazines are more economical featuring a softcover while photo books have a more durable hard cover and end sheets. The Photo Book Premium features a glossy laminated photo cover and 230 lb/ 340 gr glossy pages with UV coating preventing discoloration by light over the years. The book opens 180 degrees offering an unparalleled, seamless display.




The hardcover with photo is presentation and protection in one, a durable and sturdy protection that will last a lifetime.


The flexible softcover makes your magazine a perfect travel companion.


The Premium Photobook features 230 lb/ 340 gr glossy lay-flat pages which are also protected with a UV coating preventing discoloration by light over the years. The book opens 180 degrees offering an unparalleled, seamless display. 


The magazine and photo book feature 150 lb/ 200 gr heavy quality silk-finish paper giving them a classic feel.


The title of the album is printed on the spine of both the Photo Book as well as the Photo Book Premium to identify them easily in your bookcase.


Magazines are equipped with a high quality perfect binding and do not include the title on the spine.


The Photo Book and Premium Photo book both have end sheets giving them a luxurious high-end feel. Additionally they offer extra protection for the inside of the book.


The magazine does not have end sheets making it lighter and thinner.

Order one of your existing albums as photo book or magazine. Or upload your photos and videos to create a new photo book or magazine.

Albums you order are not counted in the 5 album limit for MyAlbum Free accounts.
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