Change the Layout


The layout of your photo book or magazine is based on the composition of your online album. After clicking the 'edit' button you will see a preview of your album on the right. Scroll through it to see if you like the layout of your album.

Highlights (1 single picture on a row) can be printed on 2 adjacent pages in your book or magazine. Check if the right pictures are highlighted in the album before printing.

Edit the layout

Go back to Edit your online album to change the layout in print and open the 'edit and enrich'-mode by clicking on the pencil icon  top right.


Part of the cover photo may not be visible on the cover. You could change the cover photo of your album. A photo with the subject in the middle or a landscape might be a good choice. You could also consider changing the shape of the photo book.

Pictures too small?

Drag less photos in a row to adjust the size or choose a different template (eg. big, showcase). You could also consider ordering your book or magazine in landscape.


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