Change the order

Change the order in which your photos and videos are arranged. Open the album you wish to edit and then click on the pencil icon  top right to open the 'Edit & enrich' mode. Customize and edit the layout/ order of your album by dragging your photos around. Spice your album up even more by enriching it with text, maps, icons, colors etc. and by changing the shape of the elements. 

Change sort order

You can also choose to sort your album differently: 

  • Chronological (on date and time the photos and videos were made)
  • Upload (on date and time you uploaded a batch of photos and videos)
  • Filename (on alphabetical/ numerical order)

Do so by opening the 'Edit and enrich' mode. Then click on the current template's name on top of the bar. Now you can change the sort order in the side bar.



It is not possible to drag photos from one album to another. Upload the photo or video again to add it to the other album.

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