Tips & Tricks

Use MyAlbum frequently? You’ll discover many tricks to perform certain actions faster. We’ve made a list of these handy tricks to make it easier for you.


Elements that are positioned side by side and have the same background color will be stitched together as one.

  • If you insert an element in between two elements that have the same background color this element will get that color as well
  • We save the color you’ve used the last time

Batch editing

Select multiple elements and:

  • change the shape or background color all at once
  • drag the entire selection to a new place in your album while keeping the same composition (shape/dimensions)


  • Search for “hand drawn”  for all hand drawn icons
  • Search for “quote” for all the quotes
  • Search for “decoration” to include borders, dividers and other decorative elements.
  • Get fitting icon suggestions with a descriptive album title

Tourist info

If there is little tourist information available, set the site to another language. You may find there is often more tourist info available in any of the other languages. It may also add a little extra to have foreign texts in your story. 



Ctrl + select Select multiple elements (enrich)
Ctrl + shift Select a series of elements (enrich)
Ctrl + A Select all elements (enrich)
Ctrl/cmd + E Open enrich-mode
Right click mouse on photo Show photo options (enrich)
L Like 
- - line in textbox
- bullet point in textbox
(c)(r)(p)(tm) copyright marks
*your text* Italic text
**your text** Bold text
***your text*** Italic and bold text


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