Wordpress Plugin

The Wordpress plugin does not support albums created with the new editor, choose the old editor to create albums that are compatible.

Download and install the Wordpress plugin and use MyAlbum as a fully hosted photo gallery for free. Create albums using photos, videos and text and embed them in your site using the plugin. No coding skills required, get started right away.

Installing the plugin

Download the plugin and install it in your Wordpress admin area. Open the settings tab of the plugin and request a token from MyAlbum. Enter your token on the settings screen of the plugin to link it to your MyAlbum account.

Embedding albums

After installing and activating the plugin embed albums into any page by clicking on the 'Add Media' button:


Select 'Insert from MyAlbum' to embed your albums.




Limited embed

When using a Free or Premium account the albums are embedded as a 'limited embed' with a link to the fullalbum on MyAbum. The summary consists of a maximum of 4 rows of your album, at the end of the summary there is a link to the full album on MyAlbum.com.

Full embed

Upgrade to Pro to embed the complete album in your site without a link to MyAlbum. Albums embedded on your site do not contain the cover photo and title.




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